We offer a variety of classes in the Lapidary Arts. The classes we offer keep the student in mind. Class space is limited to insure all students get individual attention. Most tools and equipment are provided, this allows a student to give the hobby a “test drive” without a huge cash outlay. Teacher kits provide everything you need to complete your project and extra time is allowed at each class so you may go home with a completed project. All teachers are volunteers, thus insuring lower class fee. Please make sure that you preregister for the class of your choice. Our teachers need to know what supplies will be needed for the class. See the calendar for class dates and times – email the club to find out when a specific class will be offered and fees or check the monthly calendar.

Please remember that your interests dictate future offerings. If you are interested in a particular class that you don’t see offered, please let us know! We are always open to suggestions and will do our best to offer classes that interest you.

Future classes may include:

  • Silver Bracelet (S5)
  • Enamel Glass Beads
  • Viking Weave (C3)
  • Friendship Bracelet (B5)
  • Cutting Your Own Heart (L2)

Contact the club at or for information. or to register for a class, or use our contact form here on the site.

To see when a particular class is offered, check the events page, where our calendar is located.

At this time we have no Web Registration for classes please download and print this form MCGLS Class Reg and mail it to the club house.

Class Descriptions

Class Title Category Class Cost Material Cost Description
Intro to Silversmithing/Soldering (S1) SILVERSMITHING $40 Silver FMV* Learn basic silversmithing techniques while making a basic silver ring or pendant . This class is necessary to take further classes in silversmithing. Limit 4 students.
Byzantine Bracelet (C11) CHAIN MAKING $20 $80 silver/FMV*, $25 copper/FMV*. Learn to make an attractive sterling silver or copper bracelet (with jump rings) utilizing the classic Byzantine chain maille technique. Please bring your own tools if you have them (i.e., chain nose pliers and flat nose pliers). Limit 6 students.
Beaded Amulet Bag (B26) BEADING $30 $30 Learn to create a beautiful amulet bag with glass seed beads in the brick stitch pattern. This needle and thread technique will allow you to fashion an ancient craft with elegance and style. Simply beautiful! Limit 6 students.
Beaded Bead (B32) BEADING $20 $10 Learn to make beautiful beads out of beads! This beading technique lends itself to creating very beautiful and unique jewelry. Let your imagination take you there. Limit 6 students.
Coffee, Tea and Beads! (B27) BEADING $5 $6+ or BYOBs (Bring Your Own Beads) Always wanted to come to an open bead workshop where the latest tips were traded? Looking for new patterns to challenge your beading skills? Have you ever wanted to “spy” what others beaders are doing? Well, here’s your chance! This open bead workshop will give you access to experienced instructors, various types of bead kits and many great patterns to learn! You can purchase bead kits or simply BYOB (bring your own beads)! Patterns and instruction available. Limit 10 students.
Hand Knotted Pearls w/Silk–Bracelet (B11) BEADING $20 $20 Create a beautiful and elegant bracelet by learning the ageless technique of hand knotting pearls. This technique will provide you with the ability to create many beautiful pearl jewelry pieces in the future for family, friends, that “special gift” or just for you! Please bring a small pair of embroidery scissors and a small towel. To add additional beauty to your bracelet, you may want to bring some crystal beads to embellish! Limit 6 students.
Fused Glass-New Directions (FG1) GLASS $50 $75 Learn to create beautiful and elegant fused glass pendant pieces with one of the hottest trends in glass jewelry. Learn glass compatibility, kiln preparation and current fusing products available. These may include: frits, powders, stringers, and dichroic glasses. This class will introduce you to the techniques and materials needed to create your very own fashion-forward, stunning glass pieces. Simply divine!
Basic Faceting (F1) LAPIDARY/FACETING Class cost $50/5 week class and $10 per week (machine rental) for addit’l weeks, if needed $15 & up for faceting rough Learn the basics of faceting a gemstone. You will participate in all steps necessary to produce one faceted gemstone. Timeline is open-ended dependent on speed of student. Pre-registration is necessary to ensure instrument availability *(see Faceting Workshop details for further information-in following pages). Class attendance is a must! Attendance rules apply. Limit 4 new students
Lapidary 101 (L1) LAPIDARY/FACETING $50 $10 Learn the basics needed to create cabochons of semi-precious gemstones. You will be instructed on usage of diamond saws, grinders, polishing techniques and mounting techniques. Basic safety on all equipment will be detailed. Pre-registration is necessary! Limit 3 students.
Faceted Stone Setting (L4) LAPIDARY/FACETING $20 $30 Often you either produce or obtain a beautiful faceted gemstone but have no idea how to mount it properly. Learn to mount beautiful faceted stones yourself! Mounting faceted stones is a simple and relatively easy process. Learn how…you’ll be glad you did! Limit 6 students.
Tumbling Stones (L-5) LAPIDARY/FACETING $20 None This class is designed to introduce the novice to all of the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully tumble gemstones from rough to highly polished stones. You will get to see all of the steps necessary to complete the tumbling process. Even those of you who are already tumbling stones may find useful tips to more successful tumbling. Limit 10 students.
PMC- Beginning (PMCI) PRECIOUS METAL CLAY (PMC) $50 $60 for kit w/silver FMV* Enjoy the beauty of fine silver jewelry. Learn to use Art Clay 650 to create a silver pendant from design to shaping, firing to polish. In this session, you will also learn to make a mold to create jewelry from buttons or other objects. The possibilities are endless! Limit 4 students. (Please note: If you do not wish to purchase the kit, you may use the club kit and purchase the silver clay only for $30/FMV*).
Basic Wire Wrapping (BWWI) WIRE WRAP $60 $15 Learn the very basics of wire wrapping. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of utilizing techniques in wire wrapping cabochons, basic clasps, chain making and wired bead wrap. Bring a cabochon with you to wrap or some will be available for purchase. All tools are provided, Limit 4 students.
Gem Tree (WGTI) NEW! WIRE WRAP $35 $15 Discover the ageless art of gem tree making in this introductory class. You will learn the basic skills to create your very own one-of-a-kind gem tree using stone chips and wire on a stone base. These trees can be great personalized gifts or a wonderful addition to your home. Get your fingers ready for a twistin’ good time! Limit 6 students
Miner’s Safety & Health Administration Class (MSHA:R1) $40.00 $14.00 Learn the ins and outs, do’s and don’ts of hunting for rocks and minerals in mines and quarries. This class gives you a wealth of information about mine and quarry safety.
Wire Sculpture WIRE WRAP $30.00 $10.00 A different form of wire wrapping beads, cabochons and/or cameos to create pendants. Give your pieces a Victorian look with twisted square wire to form twists and turns. Copper wire will be used. All tools and wire are provided. Large beads and cabochons will be used. If you have them bring them. We will start promptly at 10 am. Limited to 4 students.

Workshop Description

Workshop Title Cost Description
Faceting Workshop Cost $10 (club machine) $8 (own machine) per night Workshop invites members with any skill level to attend. Club instruments are $10 per night. Bring your own machine and save $2! Classes are ongoing. You will receive individual instruction. Due to limited space and machine availability, however, members will be limited to one faceted gemstone through completion. Then, you must call the Club and speak with Ken on Monday or Wednesday (after 4pm) to be placed on the list to get back into the rotation again. Please check in with Ken as to machine availability and to be placed on the rotation list.
Lapidary Workshop Cost $5.00 per 3-hour session Prerequisite is class Lapidary 101 and membership in MCG&LS (L1) or certification by instructor. Equipment includes grinders, polishers and diamond saws. You need to bring your own supplies and raw gemstone material. Please call in advance to ensure instrument availability.
Beading Workshop Cost: $2.00 per person per 2-hour session This workshop is for the seriously addicted beaders at heart! Come and spend an evening laughing, sharing ideas, shortcuts, long weaves, new tools, new patterns or even new beads! Oh, and, of course BEADING…..BEADING…..BEADING! Well, you get the idea…! This workshop is open to all (both expert and novice alike), you need not be a club member to attend.

Explanation of Class Fees

Because our members feel the lapidary arts are SO important, it was decided that we lease a facility to teach our classes and have a place to meet.

Class fees are designed only to pay the lease, insurance and utilities. They include all materials a student will need and most equipment necessary. This eliminates a lot of out of pocket expense. The teachers are ALL VOLUNTEER and are not paid in any way for their service. They teach because they love their hobby and wish to see more people involved in it.

*Fair Market Value (FMV)

*Please note: FMV = FAIR MARKET VALUE—All class charges related to the precious metal market are reflected based upon the FAIR MARKET VALUE of the metal at the time the class occurs. This means the prices could change due to the fluctuation of the metal prices.