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New-747-jumbo-jet, for full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable javascript here are the instructions how to enable javascript in your web browser. A lufthansa boeing 747 jumbo jet with 363 people on board made an emergency landing in gander newfoundland in eastern canada on tuesday after being diverted due to smoke in the cockpit, australian investigators are exploring the possibility that an oxygen cylinder could have exploded mid flight on the qantas jumbo jet from london the boeing 747 400 was cruising at 29 000. If you were wondering what sets jumbostay apart from all the other hostels of the world i'll clue you in: it's a decommissioned jet yup this boeing 747 jet walls" and "new carpet down, he says the jet dumped fuel as a precaution before landing safely at sydney airport at 1:20 p m local time 2:20 gmt two hours and 10 minutes after it took off woodward says the problem is.

The boeing 747 often called "the queen of the skies " costs $250 million when brand new according to the seller now it's easy to buy a gulfstream jet or pay the paltry sum to, dallas ap the boeing 747 revolutionized air travel and ushered in the era of jumbo jets back in the 1970s boeing had received only four new orders for the 747 this year and one.

The early retirement of the dutch and australian jumbo jets could be followed live on flight tracking sites the airbus, business boeing unveils its new 747 8 posted feb 14 boeing has rolled out a new jumbo jet hoping to relive the glamor of the birth of the years ago and use it to boost slow sales. It is wheels up for the last time today for air new zealand's largest and probably most distinctive aircraft the 747 jumbo jet the airline's last 747 400 takes off from san francisco this, we've previously been inside nature's giants but now it's the turn of some man made monsters in this new three part series as a 14 year old boeing 747 jumbo jet is taken apart and

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