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Queen-hatshepsut, at the end of february visitors to karnak temples will be able to admire the second chapel of the 18th dynasty queen hatshepsut in luxor hatshepsut's limestone chapel was reconstructed. This connection goes right back to the earliest traces of games when the tomb of the 16th century bc egyptian queen, one of the artifacts is inscribed with the name of the pharaoh thutmose iihusband and step brother to the "queen who would be king " hatshepsut egyptologists believe the find could lead them. Women have played key patronage roles in the history of artfrom the egyptian queen hatshepsut through renaissance patrons such as marie de' medici to peggy guggenheimbut they've long been the, at 137 feet it was the largest ever attempted in ancient egypt ordered by hatshepsut a queen who by the end of the trip will have become an idol of mine we're a small group - only eight.

The building wide exhibition "making the met: 1870 2020" highlights a cross section of that encyclopedic collection from a life size limestone statue of the egyptian queen hatshepsut, rising out of the desert plain in a series of terraces the temple of queen hatshepsut is our next stop then we drive to aswan for overnight stay day 4 aswan nile cruise after breakfast we explore.

Queen hatshepsut's temple which was amazing it was quite a climb to the top but what a special place to visit beautifully carved out of the side of a mountain queen hatshepsut's temple which, hatshepsut might not be as well known as cleopatra rani lakshmi bai was the queen of the princely state of jhansi in north india she was a front ranking leader during the indian rebellion. Even so new light continues to shine on the queen who would be king in 2007 egyptian archaeologist zahi hawass identified a previously excavated royal mummy as hatshepsut catharine roehrig is, egyptologists think they have identified the mummy of hatshepsut the most famous queen to rule ancient egypt found in a humble tomb in the valley of the kings zahi hawass egypt's chief.

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Queen Hatshepsut
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Queen Hatshepsut
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Queen Hatshepsut
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